Thursday, May 11, 2006

Minerals and Metals [II, 37]

A standard folk classification is the trichotomy animal/vegetable/mineral. In the context of this study the mineral group is much less productive than the other two.

It is also exceedingly various. Compare two uses of the metal gold. A golden shower is a form of urolagnia in which the subject is peed upon. However, a gold-star lesbian is one who has never had sex with a man.

Iron hoof (rhyming with poof) is Cockney slang for a gay man.

Bimetalism (which originally referred to a monetary policy based on both gold and silver) is an old term for bisexuality.

Diesel dyke refers to that formidable fuel. Bulldagger is another term for a formidable lesbian. In contemporary Spain a lesbian may be referred to as a camionera, or truck owner, because of their ostensible predilection for those vehicles.

Rimming may suggest a metal rim, though of course anilinctus does not take place at that site.

The term hook-up alludes to electrical connections and appliances. Formerly restricted to prison usage (where it describes stable male-male relationships), it now has migrated to college students, where it applies to more casual couplings.

See also RECEPTACLE, below.


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