Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pride [II 41]

In the Middle Ages pride was considered a major sin. Today, however, we rightly speak of a person taking pride in acquiring a college degree, receiving an award, or in some other accomplishment.

During the twentieth century, minority groups realized that the needed to combat the internalized effects of centuries of discrimination and disparagement by cultivating a sense of group pride. Affirming concept was one of the early goals of the Zionist movement, that is, to show that Jews could perform the entire range of roles needed to found and conduct a modern society.

The origins of the black pride movement are probably separate, but the intent is similar. It is from this development that gay pride took its cue (after 1969). With the onset of the AIDS-HIV crisis in 1981 the concept was needed more than ever. Sometimes the American expression is taken over as such into other languages, but it is usually translated, as in the Spanish orgullo gay.

Today Gay Pride Month is observed in the month of June, as it commemorates the Stonewall Uprising which occurred at the end of that month in 1969.


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